Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS)

Is Performance in Your DNA?

Enhancing performance is a common goal for many, but what if there are fundamental fitness issues hindering those you train from reaching their true potential?

The Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) gives you those answers, and is a innovative approach to fitness testing to get your clients and athletes on the most efficient path to optimal performance.  The FCS was designed to test four (4) key components of athletic capacity and identify issues affecting an individuals ability to:

  • Produce Power
  • Store and Reuse Energy
  • Maintain Posture Under Load
  • Control Balance

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Dr. Harris has been certified to perform Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) since June 2019 and brings with it a very unique way to determine and identify the physical factors that could be hindering your optimal performance, not only on the court and field but in life as well.  As part of the entire Functional Movement System (FMS) evaluation system, the FCS could be one of the key pieces of the puzzle to unlocking your hidden optimal performance, taking your game to the very next level!


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