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Dr. Harris has nearly 11 years of experience as a practicing and treating Doctor of Chiropractic.  He has seen a wide variety of patients with many presenting symptoms and conditions, ranging in ages from just a few days old and ones well into their adult years.  With an unrelenting passion for educating the community on how to lead and live happier, healthier, and higher qualities of life, he has dedicated his life to making lives better, one adjustment at a time.

Throughout his years of practice, Dr. Harris has become experienced in several different Chiropractic techniques, including both manual and instrument assisted adjustments.  No matter the preferred method of adjustment, each method is typically significantly more gentle than most patients would initially expect.  Some of the manual adjusting techniques utilized include Gonstead, Diversified, and the Thompson Drop methods, while the Activator instrument assisted method is also utilized.  Several different tables are also utilized in the office, including a table that helps to provide more comfort for our pregnant patients, no matter the trimester, another for a specific technique known as "Flexion-Distraction" which is a manual vertebral distraction technique manually controlled by Dr. Harris himself, and also tables and additions that better allow for pediatric and extremity adjustments. Since each individual patient is different than the next, not every patient necessarily needs the same type of adjustments.  Different patients may also prefer one method over another.  Because of this, several methods of adjusting the patient are incorporated into the treatment and care provided for the patients here at Quint Chiropractic by Dr. Harris.

No matter what method a patient prefers, the principle and the goal of each adjustment with every patient remains the same: to restore proper biomechanical function to restricted joints of the body causing dysfunction, improper biomechanics and therefore symptoms.  Many patients are surprised to see that a total body function approach is taken to treat musculoskeletal conditions here at our office, and are educated on how much easier the tasks of every day life are to complete with a more properly functioning body and nervous system.

Here at Quint Chiropractic, we do provide the opportunity to take on-site digital X-rays for our patients, provided there is medical necessity for them.  We are equipped with a digital X-ray system which allows for quicker processing and evaluation time for the films, as well as avoiding having to refer patients to an outside facility to have the X-ray studies performed.

Dr. Harris takes pride in developing a specific course of treatment and care for each individual patient that is tailored not only to the patient's symptoms and conditions, but one that is also tailored to the patient's goals and needs as well.  In other words, there is no "one size fits all" treatment program for every patient.  Every effort is made to educate the patient on the cause of symptoms, and ultimately how to prevent the symptoms from returning once a functional state has been restored.


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