Y-Balance Test

Why the Y-Balance Test (YBT)?

The Y-Balance Test is an integral part of Functional Movement Systems, as it serves as a quick and easy way to assess asymmetries in a personals motor control and overall body stability, mobility and functional movement patters.  Asymmetries are a risk factor in increased injury risk.  How to we measure and quantify a person's motor control and functional symmetry?  The Y-Balance Test allows us to quarter the body -- left versus right and upper versus lower -- to test how the core and each extremity function under body weight loads. 

What is the Y-Balance Test?

Having control of your limbs requires you to have a stable core.  The Y-Balance Test was developed through years of research in injury prevention and identification of motor control changes that occur after injury.  The YBT is a simple way to measure a person's motor control and demonstrate functional symmetry.  The result?  A map that identifies road blocks to a person's functional performance both in rehabilitation and performance worlds

Y-Balance Test Certified

Dr. Harris has attained certification in the administration, application and evaluation of the Y-Balance Test as a part of the overall Functional Movement Screening process.  Along with the Functional Movement Screen, the Y-Balance Test allows for further in depth analysis of how well a patient's body is able to stabilize itself, allowing better, more optimal movement patters.  The Functional Movement System adds another dynamic examination and evaluation into how well patients are moving, giving light on potential predispositions as to what their overall limiting factors could be that may be a sign of potential injury or faulty movement risk.

Y-Balance Test Example

At Quint Chiropractic, it is one of our priorities and part of our mission to provide the latest in functional movement evaluations for our patients to ensure we are providing the highest level of health care possible for every patient that walks through our doors.  As with the mission statement of Functional Movement Systems, it is to Move Well.  Move Often.  This is something has become a staple in our office.  Give yourself an opportunity to find out just how much better life can be when your body allows you to move well, and further allows you to move often!


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